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how it started...

The Cleaning Fairy was established in 2012 by me, Emma Goff.  I was working full time as an Insurance Loss Adjuster and after having my second child I took voluntary redundancy to spend more time with my kids.  When they were in nursery I started cleaning my mum's house, then my grandma's and my sister's.  I realised that I was quite good at this so I printed off some black and white leaflets from my very old printer and walked the streets of Consett hand delivering them.  It didn't take long before 'The Bat Phone' (a name my sister and I came up with for the work phone) started ringing.  Very quickly my diary became full and I asked one of my friends to help me.    That was five years ago...


Today we have a wonderful team of cleaners all fully trained up and ready to clean whatever situation is presented in front of them from weekly cleans of homes to end of tenancy cleans and a variety in the middle.  We also have a wide selection of commercial clients who all have very different requirements.  With our flexibility and good work ethic we get the job done without any hassle.



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